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Nicole Fix

Eighth Grade Class Teacher

Nicole earned her Bachelors of Arts in English with a focus on Creative Writing and Native American Studies. She obtained over twenty-four credits in a Curriculum and Instruction Masters and over twenty-four credits in a Masters of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing. Before coming to Circle of Seasons, Nicole taught Language Arts for twenty years at Bucks County Technical High School where she respected and championed an education that values the trades. She is excited to teach at Circle of Seasons, where she and her colleagues engage the whole child in a range of experiential, artistic, and classic education opportunities.
When her first child was born over sixteen years ago, Nicole read about Waldorf education from her natural mama magazines. Ever since then, she tried her best to raise both her kids the Waldorf way and was thrilled when her son started Circle of Seasons many years ago as a first grader. Waldorf education is a passion of Nicole’s, and one she looks forward to diving more into on her journey as a teacher. In her spare time, Nicole likes watching her kids play sports, visiting the ocean, taking walks with her two dogs, and meeting the demands of her three meow-y cats. Occasionally, she likes to cook, but she always loves to camp and garden when the chance presents itself.

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