Rita Bittner

Substitute Teacher

Rita Bittner earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Rutgers University, National Certification for Massage Therapy, and ran her own massage and reflexology business for 5 years. She switched careers to Human Relations, served as Assistant to the Program Director of The National Conference for Community and Justice, and meanwhile gained over 25 years of experience teaching, planning, and implementing lesson plans for 5-12 year children at her church.

After marriage and the birth of her first child, Rita became a stay-at-home mom to her 3 sons for 19 years. To get her feet wet entering the workforce, she became a School Bus Driver, Fedex Courier/ Customer Service Representative, and finally joined the staff at Circle of Seasons as an in-building Substitute Teacher, fulfilling her dream to become a professional teacher. When the time is right, she hopes to attain a Teaching Certificate possibly in ESL.

Her hobbies include reading, writing, learning foreign languages, and having fun with her family and friends. She has written a science fiction novel called Portal that was featured in USA TODAY.

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