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Zsuzsi Mekki

Substitute Teacher

Zsuzsi Mekki is a returning member of the COS community, as a substitute teacher.

Zsuzsi came across anthroposophy while taking a gap year in her theological studies, volunteering in a Camphill village, where she lived and worked with people with developmental disabilities (see Camphill Movement). It became a profoundly transformative year of her life. The thoughtful approach to life experiences, and the resulting mindfulness in human interactions made her feel truly "seen" for the first time in her life.

This encounter led her to explore ways of deepening her understanding of anthroposophy in the field of education. Zsuzsi completed her Waldorf teacher training at the Sunbridge Institute in NY, and worked as a class teacher for a number of years at the River Valley Waldorf School in PA, and most recently at the Hartsbrook Waldorf School in MA.

Zsuzsi holds a Master's Degree in Protestant Dogmatics, and one in Education. However she considers her biggest achievement to be her two children, both Waldorf graduates, who cook their own meals, knit their own socks, and notice and respond to the needs of others.

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