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Many companies offer a Matching Gift Program as part of their employee benefits.  According to fundraising experts, at least 10 billion dollars in workplace matching funds go unclaimed every year, largely due to employees not knowing the company will match their charitable gifts. What a great way to increase your financial support of Circle of Seasons Charter School without any additional out-of-pocket expense!


You can double or even triple the value of  your contribution by simply notifying your employer of your charitable gift to Circle of Seasons.  Plus, you and your spouse may be eligible to submit claims from separate employers for the same gift!

Contact the Human Resources office or even a former employer (for retirees) to inquire about whether or not they have a Matching Gift program.  If your company has a paper form, it can mailed to:  

Circle of Seasons Foundation | 8380 Mohr Lane Fogelsville, PA 18051 | 484.504.9088  


*Please note: While you will be recognized for your gift plus your company’s matching gift, only your personal contribution is fully tax deductible. Circle of Seasons Tax ID # is 47-5655434












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