103 Non-Discrimination Statement

105 Curriculum Development Policy

105.1 Evaluation of Educational Program Policy

105.2A Parental Rights Relative to Excusal from Instruction on Religious Grounds Policy

105.2B PSSA-Keystone Opt-Out Policy

113 Special Education Policy 

117 Instruction Conducted in the Home and Homebound Instruction Policy


122 Extra-Curricular Activities Policy


122A Application for Curriculum-Related Clubs or Activities

122B Application for Non-Curriculum-Related Clubs or Activities

123 Student Clubs and Activities Policy

131 Religious Beliefs and Customs Policy

134 Wellness Policy on Physical Activity and Nutrition

139 English as a Second Language-Bilingual Program Policy

151 Access to Instructional Material Policy

152 Alternate Assessment of Students Policy

153 Assisted Technology Policy and Procedures

154 Child Find Policy and Public Outreach Awareness System

155 Disciplinary Exclusions of Special Education Students Policy

156 Prevention of Disproportionate Representation of Racial-Ethnic Groups in Special Education Policy

157 Extended School Year Services (ESY) Policy

158 Positive Behavioral Support Policy and Procedures

161 Evaluation and Reevaluation Policy

162 Exceptional Student Records Confidentiality Policy

163 Free Appropriate Public Education Program (FAPE) Policy

164 Inclusion Policy

165 Independent Evaluations Policy

166 Individualized Education Program (IEP) Policy

167 Intensive Interagency Policy

168 Least Restrictive Environment Policy

169 Non-academic Services and Settings Policy

170 Physical Education Services for Students with Disabilities Policy

171 Program Options Policy

172 Psychological Services Policy

173 Related Services Policy

174 Section 504 Policy

175 Special Education Student Enrollment

176 Special Education Training Policy

177 Student with Specific Learning Disabilities Policy

178 Surrogate Parent Policy

179 Transition Services Policy

1xx/264 Dispute Resolution and Alternative Dispute Resolution