Circle of Seasons (COS) Charter School, located in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania, is the only public school on the East 

Coast that is guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education.  There are many private schools that offer a Waldorf Education all over the world but they require parents to spend thousands of dollars to pay for their child's education.  

We believe that happiness, inspiration, creativity and fun are compatible with public education and should not be limited to those who can afford a private school experience. Our school is free and open to all students, no matter their background or financial circumstance.  At a time when many students, parents and elected officials are increasingly disillusioned with the state of American public education and its focus on testing and test preparation, COS offers all families an opportunity to “think outside the test bubble.” 

To discover more about our school we welcome you to view the following brochure and videos: