Circle of Seasons Charter School ignites a love of learning, kindles excitement and discovery, and instills a deep sense of community and service to the greater world. We foster each individual’s creativity, imagination, humanity, and scholarship by cultivating integrated experiences that support students along their developmental journeys, awakening hearts, hands, and minds.















Circle of Seasons Charter School inspires change in public education by equally valuing intellectual and physical growth, social-emotional learning, connection to the creative, and the freedom, time, and space to do meaningful work. 


We awaken and empower each individual to find purpose, honor the diversity of humanity, and foster respect and stewardship of the natural world as actively engaged, globally-minded citizens.


Our entire community invests in the betterment of the whole by nurturing a sense of belonging, creating a space for listening with the intent to understand, and enjoying continual study and self-growth.


  • Preserving Childhood

  • Educating the Whole Human Being

  • Honoring the Individual

  • Enlivening Community

  • Learning through Exploration

  • Embracing Creative Capacities

  • Experiencing Awe & Wonder

  • Practicing Social Justice

  • Fostering Connection to the Natural World

  • Living with Integrity

  • Evoking Joy & Kindness

  • Teaching as an Art