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Curriculum Overview

Our goal is to  nurture  a  classroom  community  supportive  of  academic learning by helping students develop respect, confidence, acceptance, and other positive social values. In a curriculum inspired by Waldorf education, the total child must always be considered. Thus, it will be in the best interest of the student that home and school environments are consistent, as reasonably and realistically feasible. For positive development  of  the  child,  COS teachers,  staff,  and parents  will work  together  to support  the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and academic needs of the child. Circle of Seasons provides guidance in the area of behavior and attitudes, and will recognize that  each  child  has  a  unique personality,  likes  and  dislikes,  values,  strengths and weaknesses. Uniqueness of the child will be honored while providing guidance.

At Circle of Seasons, children are encouraged to communicate in a respectful, assertive and socially acceptable manner. An atmosphere in which students feel safe to express their differing viewpoints is provided, as well as guidance with conflict resolution. At Circle of Seasons, personal responsibility and accountability are taught and practiced. Guidelines, limits, freedom of choice, and consequences are made understandable to the students. In  keeping  with  our  focus  on  community,  COS intends to  hold  three seasonal festivals each year to bring families and children together in respect for the rhythms of nature and of our Earth. Frequently, these festivals include multi-cultural activities that connect our children and families to each other’s cultures. Parent participation will be a keystone of our program.  The active participation of parents both within and outside of the classroom is essential in creating and implementing the School’s educational program and maintaining its supportive environment. COS honors and values the individual skills, talents and interests of its parent body, and strongly invites and encourages parent participation in many aspects of the School’s operations. Parents provide a bridge between home and school, giving their children’s education greater meaning and purpose by integrating the children’s school life into their family life and into their community.


Children are fully supported by teachers and parent volunteers providing a high adult-child ratio. Educators from the community, volunteers, parents, and grandparents are invited into the classroom to share and assist in learning activities.  The children also support each other in many ways including small-group learning and peer tutoring. Activities with mixed-age grouping  provide ample  opportunities for older and younger children to interact.

As a public charter school, we will meet Pennsylvania State Academic Standards and testing requirements, and comply with health and safety regulations and educational laws applicable to Pennsylvania Charter Schools. Our Circle of Seasons curriculum will meet, and in many instances, exceed the state standards in timing and content. Some specific aspects of our curriculum, however, may come in a later grade than is typically outlined in state standards. We will consistently work through those unique challenges while striving to bring forth a curriculum that engenders joy and educational excellence. Special education services will be fully available and will be provided in full accordance with the law.

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