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School History

Circle of Seasons Charter School (COS) is a public school guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education and a member of a growing educational movement that equally values intellectual growth, social-emotional learning, connection to the creative, and the freedom, time, and space to do meaningful work. Circle of Seasons seeks to support the development of the whole child by educating the head, heart and hands. 


In the fall of 2013, Circle of Seasons Charter School received the keys to a former Penn State Lehigh Valley Extension building days before the first day of school. Along with the school’s founder, Phil Arnold, a dedicated group of families and educators worked tirelessly to transform the building into inviting classrooms and play spaces for the 110 students in grades kindergarten through second who walked through the doors on the first day of school. Circle of Seasons Charter School received charter authorization for the first three years and was the only member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Schools on the East Coast, a pioneer for the Public Waldorf Education movement. 


The spring of 2016 brought Circle of Season’s first charter renewal resulting in a reauthorization for five years. Another momentous event was reached the following spring of 2017 as COS purchased the building and 35-acre property it had previously leased from Penn State. The purchase would not have been possible without the efforts of devoted fundraisers and volunteers from the Circle of Seasons community as well as monetary contributions from the school's families, faculty and staff. During the summer of 2018, COS endeavored to complete a $2.7 million renovation project that transformed the school into a facility that included learning spaces for school’s growing student population. Again, such a transformation would not have been possible without the tireless commitment of Circle of Seasons families, faculty, staff and administration. The conclusion of the 2017-2018 school year also brought about an achievement by Kaitlin Moore. Mrs. Moore was the first COS teacher to complete a first through fifth grade loop with a class that joined her for first grade the day COS opened its doors in 2013. 


In 2018, Circle of Seasons swelled to embrace and educate a student population of 376 children and will continue to grow. By the 2020-2021 school year, Circle of Seasons will reach full capacity with double tracked classes in grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Circle of Seasons’ enthusiastic and committed faculty, staff, and families continue to invest in the advancement and development of Circle of Seasons, a school dedicated to awakening each child’s full and unique potential. 


Circle of Seasons continues to develop a campus master plan to fully utilize the school’s expansive campus. It is clear that the Circle of Seasons devoted community strives to support the individuals who learn and teach within the welcoming walls and rolling campus of the school and that the virtue of each community member is living and thriving therein. 


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