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Alexis Sirrakos

Substitute Teacher

Alexis Sirrakos, a native Michgander, has her Bachelor's in Biology at Kalamazoo College (MI) and received her Masters in Secondary Education at Lehman College (NYC). Before becoming a full-time stay at home mom, she taught Middle School Math and Science in New York City and Dresden, Germany. Now that her children are in school, she has decided to go back to teaching on a part-time basis as a substitute teacher. She is excited to be back in the classroom working with kids again, especially at COS, because she loves the connectivity to nature, art and story-telling; her favorite things!

Alexis has two daughters at COS who are spunky, bright, curious, brave and wonderful! The Sirrakos family loves to eat Greek food, travel abroad, go hiking, play soccer and have movie nights. In Alexis's spare time you can find her bird watching, painting, reading, coaching soccer and working with her husband on their rare and collectible book business, Walnut Street Paper.

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