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Amanda Millhouse

Fine Arts Teacher

Amanda Millhouse has been working in education since 2012. She started as a paraprofessional in a public school setting, and later became a lead teacher in a Montessori school. Amanda joined Circle of Seasons in 2021 and soon discovered that its Waldorf approach is the perfect fit for her love of nature, the arts, learning, and helping children discover their true potential. Amanda has a wide variety of skills and interests including art, history, and science, and she is happiest when learning something new. She has studied the fine arts, Art Therapy, and Education at Cedar Crest College, and looks forward to continuing her own education in the future. Amanda’s mother was a talented artist and jack of all trades who always encouraged her to try new things and use her creativity. Since she was little, Amanda has always turned to making things as a way to relax and express herself, and she is thrilled for the opportunity to share her love of art with the talented students at COS. When she isn’t at school, Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband and twins Lucy and Henry. Her family enjoys playing with their dogs, reading, drawing, and enjoying nature.

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