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Domenic DiMenichi

ESL/Intervention Teacher

Domenic DiMenichi earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology and elementary education from Moravian University. Additionally, he earned certification in English as a Second Language. After teaching third and fifth grade in the United States Domenic taught internationally for a number of years. He taught in South Korea, Egypt, Aruba and Bolivia. Can you guess which country was his favorite place to live and teach in? Domenic earned his Masters of Education in Multidisciplinary Studies from Buffalo State University in 2021. Domenic came to Circle of Seasons in 2023 in search of an approach to education that embraces the education of the whole child and is excited to be teaching English Language Learners.

In his spare time Domenic enjoys CrossFit, hiking, reading, improv classes and singing with the Lehigh Valley Chorale. He also enjoys traveling to new and amazing places.

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