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Irene Blough

French Teacher

Irene Blough earned her Bachelor’s Degree in French from St. Joseph’s University and her Master’s Degree in French from Temple University. She has been teaching a combination of French and Spanish for the past twenty years. She is honored to join the staff at Circle of Seasons whose staff approaches teaching with love and devotion, as well as with the enriching methodology of the Waldorf education. She is excited to begin this journey with her new colleagues and students, and is delighted to have the chance once again to delve back into French, to learn some German from her new colleague, the famous, Sprau, and to continue to share what she has learned from her experience with Spanish.

This year, some of her favorite activities have been put on hold; dancing, traveling, and singing in a choir, but she is grateful that her mother has recently joined her and her husband in their home. She is now improving her Greek cooking, enjoying being in the garden, and going for more walks. She is looking forward to starting to teach at Circle of Seasons because she can’t wait to experience what it’s like to see kids happy to come to school and to watch them develop their gifts in a setting that values nature and creativity.

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