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Krista Spradlin

German Teacher

Krista studied at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Universität Duisburg-Essen and earned her Bachelor of Science in Education in 1999, graduating summa cum laude and immediately jumped into her teaching career. After earning her Masters of Science in Education in 2007 from Wilkes University, Krista continued to study the best methods of language instruction and earned a state certification in teaching English as a Second Language. Krista Spradlin’s affection for language and culture began as a child, growing up in a community where friends and neighbors spoke with thick accents, served food from the ‘old-world’, and danced to music that invoked joy, although it was sung in a language she didn’t understand. It is Krista’s greatest pleasure to share language with children in honor of the people who inspired her and gave her the wings to visit new worlds. She hopes this passion will shine through in her teaching, and that language will also inspire them to become students of the world. Over the last 20 years, Krista has had the pleasure to teach both middle and high school students throughout the Lehigh Valley. Krista has organized and executed numerous exchanges and guided many students in pursuing German in their careers. But, Krista has always wanted to see language instruction begin at a developmentally appropriate age and is thrilled to have an opportunity to be a part of second language instruction at Circle of Seasons.

Krista presents authentic language through stories, play, imagination, acting and art and is confident that this method will align comfortably for all students at Circle of Seasons. This summer Krista and Tatiana, the Spanish instructor, attended a training in Philadelphia with leaders of CI movement to further enhance their instructional practices. Both are anxious to see students soar in their Spanish and German proficiency!

When Krista is not dreaming of converting the world to multilingualism, she is probably gardening, hiking with her pooches, reading, running or trying to survive the teenage years with her own children, who are 17 and 13. Krista is also passionate about the environment and hopes to be involved with that aspect of education at Circle of Seasons as well.

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