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Scott Mitsching

Fiber Arts Teacher

Scott Mitsching gained his Masters in elementary education with a focus on Waldorf education at Antioch University of New England and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University. He completed Waldorf teacher training through the Center for Anthroposophy. Scott has taught for the past 3 years in a variety of settings including as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia where he taught at a rural High School in the Amhara region. In Ethiopia, Scott had many opportunities to learn local crafts such as basket weaving and cotton spinning. Following the Peace Corps, he became an English teacher in the port city of Haiphong in Vietnam. It was in Vietnam that Scott learned how to dye with Indigo from a Hmong community near Sapa. Most recently Scott was an intern at the Anchorage Waldorf school in Alaska where he enjoyed connecting with nature and viewing the Northern lights. Scott brings with him a love and appreciation for all things fiber art. He is a proficient knitter, crocheter, and felter most recently he has become interested in natural dyeing and hand sewing. He continues to pursue further education through the Kairos Institute with a focus on creative speech development and further fiber arts education at the Fiber Craft Studio. He is an active member of the Anthroposophical society in America. When Scott is not in the classroom, he can be found keeping busy with a current knitting project and spending time with his pet Angora rabbit. He also enjoys taking care of his plant collection and garden. Scott has a love for travel and the outdoors and continues to plan new adventures whenever he has the opportunity.

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