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Allison Sternat

Special Education Teacher

Ally Sternat (aka Miss A,) has been on several adventures in her life and one thing she has learned is that things aren't always easy, but with the proper support and guidance you can still have a lot of fun. Her goal is to be that support and guidance her students need along their journey. She has been a part of a school band since 4th grade, playing the flute all the way through college graduation. Ally chose to play with the band at college graduation because music meant so much to her and was such a huge part of her life. Music presented her with many opportunities from being able to tour Europe through American Music Abroad, to being able to chat with John Philip Sousa's grandson. Music also allowed her to make really great friends and gave a sense of community. She has always loved art and considered herself to be a non-professional crafter. She has a creative mind and enjoys painting or constructing something to allow her mind to shut off and focus on something else. She also like building things, like the 8' tree she made for her kitten Snickers. Ally loves being outside and working with children and animals. She has an undergraduate degree in Biology (Ecology). After graduating from college she worked in many non-traditional education settings. These settings included Zoos, Environmental Centers, Camps, and an Assisted Riding Barn. Two adventures that really led her to get a Masters in Special Education were the Zoo and the Assisted Riding Barn. At the zoo, she had the opportunity to become a certified Animal Trainer and create curriculum for special education programs. At the assisted riding barn she started off as a volunteer, which turned into an opportunity to teach individuals with disabilities to ride a horse. All of her adventures have led her to Circle of Seasons.

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