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Amy Studzienko

Long Term Substitute

Amy Studzienko joins us as part of the Middle School team this winter. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education from Kutztown University, where she concentrated in English. In addition to ELA courses, she has taught a little bit of everything: Sustainable Agriculture, Journalism, Culinary, and Health. She’s always been drawn to relevant, compassionate, creative, hands-on learning. Perhaps what is most exciting to her about being part of a Waldorf School is that same emphasis on experiential learning, and connection with community and the natural world. She is so excited to have found Circle of Seasons, a place with congruent values and educational philosophy.

Before her recent return to the Lehigh Valley, she spent the last 15 years in small rural communities in California and Washington state where she taught, farmed, and volunteered as a firefighter/EMT. She takes education very seriously; for as we know, the youth will inherit our world, and they must be prepared to participate wholly, intelligently, and compassionately.

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