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Sarah Johnson

First Grade Class Teacher

A love for exploring the environment and inspiring young children through artistic expression shaped Sarah's goal of becoming a Waldorf educator. Sarah earned her B.S. in Elementary Education (Grades 1-5) from Mount St. Mary's University after student teaching at an environmental charter school. For her senior project, she presented an independent study exploring the benefits of environmentally focused education and the Waldorf method in guiding creative, critical, and independent thinkers through community. Now, she is overjoyed to be beginning her journey in the Waldorf pedagogy at the school which inspired her to become a teacher. She is passionate about hands-on learning and creating a community to guide students in expressing themselves, with loving hearts, strong voices, and brave minds!
While not in the classroom, Sarah can be found hiking in mountain forests, wading in lakes and creeks, or curled up with a cup of tea and her cat. Sarah is often singing, playing her guitar, or at the piano. She has a large collection of succulents and enjoys every opportunity to craft something colorful, through knitting, chalk, or paints! She is very excited to break out her bright yellow honey bee rain boots and dinosaur overalls to trek through the grounds of COS, inviting her students to explore their place in nature and together, strengthen both their stride and their song.

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